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Equine Assisted Learning Sessions—for Individuals and Groups of All Sizes

This non-riding experience is for groups or individuals looking for ways to grow their understanding of relationships, communication, and behavior patterns using horses.

Horses are social animals and respond “in the moment”. This provides a group or person with an opportunity to learn about what their body language is communicating and provide a new understanding of themselves or their group and find ways to apply it in other parts of their lives


Equine Assisted Learning can be used for a wide variety of business, team, and family groups.

  • Sports teams who want to explore team-building goals outside of their specific sport

  • Families who are looking for new ways to understand each other

  • Military groups who are looking for ways to better understand themselves and their communities. See below for more info about FREE sessions for Military Participants in 2022

  • Businesses and professional groups looking for a new way to provide team building experiences to optimize their work environment and staff resources.

  • And more!!!

If you have questions on how this unique opportunity can be applied to your life, please reach out!

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Rates are based on group size. $150 for 2 hour session for individuals and couples. $50 per hour beyond 2 hours 
$300 for 2 hour session for group sizes 3-10. $100 per hour beyond 2 hours 
$400 for 2 hour session for groups sizes  11-20 $150 per hour beyond 2 hoursFor larger groups, please inquiry for pricing. 
Pricing includes pre-session goal setting and session work. 
MILITARY—Individuals, Couples, families, and groups received FREE 2 hour sessions in 2023. (Four free total available for 2023)

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Everyone has unique life experiences, and while the horses don’t know what your experiences are, they are good mirrors at showing us how those experiences have shaped us, our behaviors, and even relationships. We can use this information to create awareness and help create positive change.
All sessions are non-riding (“ground-work”), and are confidential, unique, fully insured, and provided by certified facilitator Kerry Nelson.
Kerry has been trained and certified in both the EAGALA model of Equine assisted learning, as well as through the Equine Assisted Learning Academy.  While Kerry has 30 years of horseback riding experience, her interests with horses extends into the power of how horses provide social interactions, even when not being ridden.

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