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Deciding to learn about horses and horseback riding is a fun and exciting idea. As a rider and instructor, I believe that learning should be full of questions. I always encourage my students to ask me why we do something a particular way. This is where true learning comes in to play. When we know why we do things we can easily build on that logic and understanding. 

Horseback riding has high risk. Students will likely fall off. It is my goal to move a rider through a safe sequence of exercises and outcomes to always build on their skills. The good news is that there are many things related to horseback riding that don't require any talent, specific skills, or practice! These include: body language, coachable attitude, work ethic, effort,  and being prepared.

Horses are not bicycles. they are partners. They sometimes have bad days. It's my job to make sure that the rider gets better at understanding when a horse is having a bad day, and when we need to clarify a cue that might be causing frustration and friction in the rider/horse partnership. 

To me, partnership is the best part of horses. They teach us how to see each other, how to listen, how to set goals and work together, and what can come of clear and compassionate communication. Join us in discovering horses!

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