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FAQs: What We Do


We are happy to accommodate all ages for riding, however to start group lessons the rider needs to be 5 years old. Riders under 5 need to schedule private (or semi-private if they have a sibling or other family riding with them)


We teach primarily English and can accommodate Western riders as well. Our Western Riding has a more practical Ranch Riding approach as well as trail riding (not western pleasure). Keep in mind that horseback riding and horsemanship (non-riding) fundamentals are an important part of any horse experience. The different disciplines of riding have some different styles and equipment, even horses can be different styles; learning the basics can take you in any (any many) directions!


We give our subscription riders (those who ride all year round) first priority when farm horses go to horse shows. That said, we offer many on-site and off-site show options through the year and it’s likely that your rider will be able to compete in a few classes during the show season. Riders interested in showing should consider riding weekly starting no later than March to be prepared for summer showing. Coaching fees apply.

Do you HAVE to ride at a show if I'm taking lessons?

We offer show options, but you certainly don’t need to have a competitive goal to start learning how to ride. Being around horses is great fun and good physical activity, we don’t pressure anyone to attend horse shows (well, maybe to cheer on other riders but not to compete). For a long time I’ve said “I’m not a show barn” and it was pointed out that we were scheduling a lot of shows for “not a show barn”. Shows are not my favorite part of riding – I do like to take students to shows, but personally, I’m not a rider who dreams of going to shows.


We love to go trail riding. For safety purposes we offer limited trail riding to non-students. If you are an adult looking for some time in the saddle and trail riding sounds interesting to you, contact me for some lesson/trail packages tailored to your goals.


We sure do! We can provide certificates for riding instruction for your new rider for any reason or celebration! Maybe you know someone who used to ride and doesn’t have a horse anymore, we can provide certificates for them to ride and Kerry will tone down the “lesson” feel and work at making new riding memories!

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